Women’s Veteran Denali Climb 2019

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In 2015 VetEx sent a self-guided team of vets to tackle Denali (the tallest mountain in North America and the pinnacle of the land defended). Just a team of military veterans working together, running all their own logistics, and leading themselves to the summit. That expedition trained our vets to become leaders and took our program to another level. With this all women’s veteran Denali team, we intend to grow our women veteran leadership and prove to all women vets what is possible. We will film this expedition to help us tell the story of these women veterans. We intend to get all our sponsors and supporters involved in this expedition. This will be the first self-guided all women veteran ascent of the tallest mountain in North America. This expedition will cost Veterans Expeditions an estimated $50,000 for a team of 8 women. We believe this expedition will inspire thousands of women veterans  to reach their goals, get outside, and join our community.

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