Polar Explorer Eric Larsen lends a helping hand…

Date: 28 Aug, 2010  No Comments  Joshua Oakley

Yesterday while working out some final logistics for our upcoming adventure, we got a great surprise when Polar Explorer Eric Larsen stopped by to give us a few words of encouragement for Force Factor: RMNP and lend a hand introducing us to some great partners before he heads out to Mt. Everest tomorrow.  Good luck

Rocky Mountain National Park…here we come!

Date: 25 Aug, 2010  No Comments  Joshua Oakley

Where has Mt. Shasta gone?  Yep, the picture you see now is no longer Mt. Shasta, but our very own Longs Peak, the King / Queen of RMNP! We are very excited, while also disappointed, to announce that our trip will be shifting from Mt. Shasta to the Mummy Range and Longs Peak this 9/11.