9/11 Memorial Climb

9/11 Memorial Climb- Flatirons Triple Ascent

Date: 05 Oct, 2017  No Comments  Joshua Oakley

While many years have come and gone since the tragedy of 9/11, for Veterans, that day will always have profound meaning.  For many of us who have served – or are still serving – it was after 9/11 that we answered our nation’s call to take up arms and fight to protect the freedoms and

9/11 Mummy Range Climb powered by Osprey

Date: 04 Nov, 2016  No Comments  Joshua Oakley

See this blog in its original posting on the Osprey site http://www.ospreypacks.com/stories/a-day-to-remember/ For many of us, the date September 11th will forever stand sharply in our minds. Just hearing the words nine-eleven evokes a certain surge of memories, a prickly recollection of a normal day turned chaos, only 15 years ago. Just ask any American over