How can I get involved outside of trips and events? We encourage and support both veterans and non-veterans in bringing awareness to the cause of empowering veterans overcome the challenges of service through active fundraising.

Great ideas for fundraisers come in many forms—whether it is to remember a fallen comrade, climbing a mountain for the first time, participating in a race, or just honoring the service of a friend or family member—VetEx encourages the active support of individuals like you, bringing awareness to our cause and the continued task of supporting our veterans.

VetEx is passionate about supporting the actions of its members and supporters in the community. VetEx can provide feedback and direction to help your idea or event become a success. Challenge yourself by joining the team in empowering veterans to change their lives and the lives of others in a positive way. Here are some ideas to get you started!

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Host your own event

Hosting your own event is a great way to help to create awareness and support within your community. Events might include golf tournaments, fitness challenges, school or church fundraiser—sky is the limit! We can help create and see your idea through.

Customized Donation Page

Building a customized donation page is a great way to inform and create a unique message to give back to your fellow veterans. Whether it is to remember and honor the service or another, the memory of a loved one, or simply to create awareness a donation page is a great way to for both veterans and non-veterans to get involved in empowering our service members.  We have also partnered with Challenge America an organization dedicated to helping veteran nonprofits.  They have some great software to help create a fundraiser specific to VetEx.  Click the link below to get started!!

Create a Fundraiser for VetEx

Participate in an existing event/race

Already planning on running a marathon, 5K, or other adventure challenge? Get friends and family involved in supporting you in fundraising for VetEx. These events are great community based events that you can contribute directly to the cause doing something you love.