Gear Review: Meal Kit Supply Meals Ready To Eat

Gear Review: Meal Kit Supply Meals Ready To Eat

Date: 15 Sep, 2015  No Comments


What is it? Meal Kit Supply makes meals that are ready to eat upon opening the package. These meals are as convenient as it gets when it comes to having minimal time to prep and minimal resources available. Our “8 For 22” team used these meals on Denali during our summit push due to how time consuming it was to melt snow for water at 17,000 feet in elevation.

Who are these meals for? These meals are for people who need convenient meals in the backcountry, especially where resources are limited. These meals also work well for longer term storage for when you experience multi-day power outages or emergency food reserves.

Pros: These meals worked well for our team during our summit bid with multiple functions. The meals were placed into a large pot of snow and water over the stove. Once the snow melted and became warm, the meals were warmed and the water was also then drinkable water. TheseMRE 2

meals work well where dehydrated meals would struggle to re-hydrate fully due to the altitude.

These meals also provide a high caloric meal for either before or after a long day outside.



Cons: The only con about these meals is the weight. The packaging can be broken down to save some weight. The ease of use of these meals often offsets the weight.

Overall gear rating: 4.5/5. These meals are a good choice when going on a high altitude mountaineering expedition due to the ease of preparation.


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