Why We are Inclusive

Date: 25 Jul, 2016  No Comments  Marc Rassel

Veterans Expeditions is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within our veteran organization. We support and inspire all our leaders to embrace diversity and provide equal opportunity to people of all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, gender identifications, abilities and non-abilities.  

How are we different?

Date: 20 Jul, 2016  No Comments  Marc Rassel

We are a veteran led, 501c3 chartered non-profit organization that began in 2010 to enhance the lives of our nation’s Veterans. We understand the issues and struggles Veterans deal with every day. We are a community oriented and outdoor focused organization. Our approach is strategic and holistic—focusing on three main areas—the mind, body, and giving

What is my skill level?

Date: 01 Jul, 2016  No Comments  Marc Rassel

We can help determine what trip would be best suited for your skill level and interest. We have trips that will fit every skill level or interest. If you have a question regarding the experience level needed for a specific trip please don’t hesitate to contact us or the Point of Contact (POC) for the