Rocky Mountain National Park…here we come!

Rocky Mountain National Park…here we come!

Date: 25 Aug, 2010  No Comments

Where has Mt. Shasta gone?  Yep, the picture you see now is no longer Mt. Shasta, but our very own Longs Peak, the King / Queen of RMNP!

We are very excited, while also disappointed, to announce that our trip will be shifting from Mt. Shasta to the Mummy Range and Longs Peak this 9/11.  Due to some miscommunications with the great staff at USFS in Mt. Shasta, we did not get our approval to climb the mountain until a bit late in the game and had to make alternative arrangements.  The good news is, we’ve learned a lot about what we need to do to for these kind of trips and made good friends out at Mt. Shasta!

Meanwhile, we’ve also brought together more partners to add to the Force Factor RMNP team: including FedEx-Denver, FTL Solar, and Natural High Foods, and designer Eric Noll.

We’re still hoping that the National Park Service is willing to give us a permit to film with a very motivated and talented crew that good friend and partner from Spoken Images, Michael Ramsey has put together.

So what is it that we’re doing?

We’ll be challenging the veterans on our trip to two pretty intense physical feats.  The Mummy Range is no joke! 

This picture, from Force Factor: RMNP member Caleb Bury shows a portion of the range.  Just to let you know what our itinerary will be starting on Wednesday September 8th, we’ll be heading up to 11,000 feet on the 8th before a 1 am camp departure through the Mummy Range.


19 miles, 7000′ vertical feet climbed, and 8 summits!

These summits include Mount Chapin (12,454′), Mount Chiquita (13,069′), Ypsilon Mountain (13,514′), Fairchild Mountain (13,502′), Hagues Peak (13,560′), Mummy Mountain (13,425′), Mount Tileston (11,254′), and Bighorn Mountain (11,463′).

After this big day, we’ll take a rest day on September 10th before another 1 am departure on September 11th to make a summit attempt of Longs Peak!

We are always looking for additional partners and help, so please pass on the information to any and all interested and hopefully the next pictures you see we’ll be from the tops of many mountains!