Special Thanks to Special Partners!

Special Thanks to Special Partners!

Date: 27 Oct, 2010  No Comments

This morning started off great, when in my in box, I found this link waiting for me:  http://www.activejunky.com/blog/veteran-expeditions/ Why is a link talking about what we do so exciting?  Because it means people are starting to take notice of the great work our veterans are doing and it makes me swell up with pride and appreciation that there are other folks out there paying attention to the veteran condition in America and wanting to do something more about!  Especially when its an unsolicited posting by a great site run by like minded people at Active Junky!

However, we’re just the tip of the spear here at Veterans Expeditions and could not do what we do without the great support of a number of other organizations and people out there who have done so much to get us to this point and believe as passionately as we do in our mission!

Today I’d like to thank five people / groups in particular:

1.  Veterans Green Jobs. We would still be a far fetched dream in Nick and I’s eyes without Veterans Green Jobs (VGJ), which has been kind and generous of its support!  In fact, and many of you may not have known this, but Veterans Expeditions is a VGJ program!  They’ve been handling a lot of the accounting duties and providing much needed support and mentoring to our young program on top of all the other great work they do!

2.  Force Factor. Force Factor shares the same vision and commitment to personal excellence that our team at Veterans Expeditions does and were willing to take a chance on our vision to what we think, were outstanding results!  We look forward to a long and strong relationship with Force Factor and thank them for all they do for veterans and as I found out yesterday from my friend, Olympian, and world class athlete, Jason Regier, a National Quad Rugby player, Force Factor is a big supporter of some of the greatest athletes on earth, supporting your National Quad Rugby Association!

3.  Technical Integrity.  Technical Integrity’s founder and CEO, Dave Mayer, has been a great friend and supporter of both Veterans Green Jobs and Veterans Expeditions.  Dave has connected us to sponsors, our friends at Spoken Image, and has been a non-stop PR machine along the Front Range and nationally for helping to get the word out about Vet Ex and what we’re trying to do!  We couldn’t do it without you Dave!

4.  Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides.  In another life, co-founder Nick Watson is the Field Director at CWRAG, while Owner Josh Baruch has given countless hours of advise and counsel, as well as being an avid supporter of the team, joining us, and his mother, veteran Heidi Baruch on our 9/11/10 ascent of Longs Peak.  Whenever we get lost in the woods, Josh is their to make sure we come home!

5.  Spoken Image. Making a documentary ain’t easy, but the team at Spoken Image sure makes it look easy to those of us who struggle just turning on a camera!  They’ve worked countless hours to get the footage and make the film that we’re proud to show you and have done an amazing job telling our story with integrity and class:  VET EX DOCUMENTARY TEASER.

6. ALL OF YOU! A huge thanks to all of you and are other numerous supporters who make these trips a reality for veterans across America! You are all a valuable, and needed, part of our team!