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  • Full Name:Jayme Oakley
  • Expertise Area:Secretary of the Board
  • Experience:OEF

Jayme enlisted in the USAF in 2004, as a flight medic on fixed wing aircraft. She earned her undergraduate degree in Nursing and continued in the Air Force Reserves as a Flight Nurse, and as a civilian ER nurse. She eventually pursued and earned her Nurse Practitioner graduate degree in 2014. During her time in the Air Force, she deployed once to Afghanistan and had over 800 flying hours on OEF/OIF/OND sorties. Jayme became involved in VetEx in early 2015 after a Nederland snowshoeing trip. She knew that the organization was special and provided something to our Veterans that no other non-profit has been able to do—providing outdoor therapy in a fun and in a no-strings attached type of way. Jayme is passionate about getting fellow female Vets out and building strong communities.