Terramar Sports and Telling the Veterans Story

Terramar Sports and Telling the Veterans Story

Date: 30 Aug, 2010  No Comments

We received some great news this morning that Terramar Sports, will be providing base layers to our Force Factor: Rocky Mountain National Park Expedition on 9/11.  We are somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received form a wide number of business and companies in the outdoor industry and out side of it for a new organization.  It is very heartening as an Army Veteran to see that there is such compassion for our military veterans, regardless of what branch of the Armed Forces they served in.

If it were not for an unfortunate accident immediately before our first climbing clinic, we would have had representatives from all branches of services including the Coast Guard!  However, our job is not done with just one trip.  We hope that we are able to be around for several years and can continue to offer great life time experiences to veterans from our nation’s military service.  We also believe that if we want the way that our country has sometimes treated veterans to change on a much larger scale, we need to tell our story.

We are creating a documentary with the help of Michael Ramsey over at Spoken Image about our upcoming climb.  We have fund raised enough to get the crew out to the mountains with us, but still need your help for the production of the movie following our climb.  If you, your company, your foundation, or a connection you have at a company, an individual, or a foundation that might be interested in supporting this story and future expeditions, please let us know by sending a quick note to Stacy or Nick <at> vetexpeditions.com.

Meanwhile, Nick and I, with some strong mentors are working hard to learn how to use and improve this website and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.  We’d love to have you as one of our friends and Facebook and following us on Twitter @vetexpeditions, or even on LinkedIn!