VetEx 2012 Schedule

VetEx 2012 Schedule

Date: 15 Jan, 2012  1 Comment

Veterans Expeditions 2012 plan to achieve an International Veteran Summit of Mt Logan in 2014

Saturday March 24th Snowshoe Trip 3 Introduction/Refresher to Winter Mountaineering Summit Attempt

June Charter Boat Fishing Newburyport MA/Seabrook NH

-Need 5k donation to run

May-August VetEx Mountain Bike Team races throughout Colorado

June – July Three Colorado Summer Trainings with fitness and alpine skills focus.  Three Trips will train our August Glacier National Park Team, our September 11th Teams, and our November Veterans Day Kilimanjaro Team.

June 23rd Training 1

July 21st Training 2

July 29th Training 3

August 11-18 Glacier National Park Expedition sponsored by the Sierra Club and the North Face with Jim Balog and Conrad Anker

September 11th 2012 Summit Attempt of Mt. Shukson/Sierra Club to Sponsor with Big City Mountaineers.

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