VetEx Charter Boat Fishing Newburyport MA 8/17/13

VetEx Charter Boat Fishing Newburyport MA 8/17/13

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NH MA Fish group
Our group after a day of fishing

On August 17th VetEx went charter boat fishing out of Newburyport¬†Massachusetts. ¬†VetEx Co-Founder Nick Watson grew up just 15 minutes down the road. ¬†Nick’s Vietnam veteran father was present as was his brother. ¬†Veterans from all over New England showed up to go fishing with VetEx. ¬†The weather cooperated and provided calm seas and sunny skies for the 20 mile plus journey offshore. ¬†

Ma NWBRYPT harbour
The North side of Newburyport harbor. 

It was one of those great days at sea.  The winds were light and the fishing was great.  Pollock, Cod, and Flounder were the fish species caught on the day.  Lots of fish were caught and of course the big ones got away.  


Ma Dan and Mike fish
Army veterans who served together in Afghanistan, fish together with VetEx

Veterans of all abilities were present.  The fishing was good.  Spirits were high and many a story was told of service and sacrifice.  Each veteran took their catch home and talked of doing it all again soon.


Brad flag stern
Army veteran holds the flag he flew in Afghanistan off the stern.

Thank you to Brian Herr  and his family for his generosity that made this trip possible.  Big thanks to Rich Brewer and One Warrior Won for all the help on this great week that saw veterans get out in the New Hampshire mountains as well as off shore fishing.