VetEx East Presidential Traverse New Hampshire 10/15/13

VetEx East Presidential Traverse New Hampshire 10/15/13

Date: 12 Nov, 2013  No Comments

On August 15th a team of VetEx veterans set off to tackle the 5 peaks of the Northern Presidential Range.  In all, 15 Miles and 8000 feet elevation gained climbing Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay, and Mt. Washington.  

NH Pres. traverse walkNH Pres. traverse summit 2NH Pres. traverse summit 3NH Pres. traverse summitNH Wash summit 13NH Hitchhike

We started early and had a spectacular weather day.  Conversations were had about future trips and what was coming up for everyone.  One veteran was busy working and getting through college, another was starting up a guiding company, one vet was not a vet at all, but still on active duty, another was working hard at getting other veterans outside.  We walked and we walked. Lots of conversations were had about the fun times had in uniform and some other conversations about the tough times had by all members of our group.  What a day.  It was like a retreat and an ass kicking all wrapped up into one long day spent outside with your piers.  If you have never experienced such a day out with veterans, then you may want to join us next time.

So why do we do it some might ask?  The reply is up to the veteran.  For VetEx, we see the value in veterans accomplishing their outdoor goals together.  Magic happens on these trips.  Vets get to experience what they miss about the military and then take it all back home with them.  The long days replicate the types of effort needed to summit big mountains around the world and provide good training opportunities for future expeditions.  Many of our veterans enjoy and work well in this type of outdoor environment.  Come get out with us and see for yourself.