VetEx made 3 trips to Ouray Ice Park this Winter

VetEx made 3 trips to Ouray Ice Park this Winter

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Ice Ouray super bowl group

Veterans Expeditions made 3 trips to Ouray Ice Park this Winter.  These trips saw active military and veterans learn new skills as they worked hard to improve their ice climbing.  We stayed together, cooked meals together, and enjoyed old stories of military service and new stories of civilian life.  Veterans were focused on creating civilian success and active military were taking a break before the next deployment.

Curt Ouray 13
Army veteran Curt Bean Climbs Ice for the first time at Ouray Ice Park with VetEx. Curt has recently been recognized here in Colorado with the Governor’s Creative Leadership Award for his work with the Art of War Project. Way to go Curt!

We had ice climbing first timers and experienced veteran climbers sharing knowledge of all things on and off the ice.  It was great to see so many veterans going after it all day climbing and enjoying each others company in the evening.

Johnny mixed
Marine veteran Johnny Krueger mixed climbing very well.

There was great ice to be had at the Ouray Ice Park all winter long.  We climbed in the snow and in clear skies.  We climbed mixed routes, hard routes, easy routes, we climbed it all.  The community created while climbing at the ice park has followed us back home.  These ice climbing veterans have continued to climb with each other and hang out outside of VetEx.  The true test to the VetEx community is that our veterans lean on each other for support outside of our trips.  These trips build camaraderie that endures into these veterans home lives.

Ice group ouray 13

Ouray Superbowl VetEx Ice Group

At VetEx we will challenge you outside and everything else falls into place when veterans meet that challenge as a strong community.  See you out there.

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Vet group catwalk Ouray ice

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