Vet Ex, Why we’re here and what you can do!

Vet Ex, Why we’re here and what you can do!

Date: 20 Oct, 2010  3 Comments

We are veterans and we are Veterans Expeditions.

We exist because we are tired of losing 18  veterans a day to suicide[1] and three  times more veterans being killed when  they return home from combat than those  killed in combat.[2]

We exist because being outside helped us create a new focus and new meaning in our   own lives to deal with the problems we all face as veterans and we want to replicate that experience for others.   If we, as veterans and as a larger community, don’t do something about it, all that’s going to happen is the rate in which veterans take their own lives, end up in prison, homeless, depressed, and wondering how they went from being a part of the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, to living on a street, under a bridge, begging for food and begging for booze will increase.  Don’t believe me?  Check the statistics.

We do not care if a veteran is disabled or not, a man or a woman, or when he or she served.  We care that a veteran is a veteran and will work with any veteran wherever they are, to get them outside, to take the next step up the trail, reach for the next hand hold on the rock, and take the next paddle in the river.  We will tap back into the warrior ethos we, as veterans, so often desperately miss in civilian life.  We will summit with you or we will struggle with you.  We will do it together and we will tell our story.

When we started, we did not want to use the word healing, because that word is taboo in some parts of the veteran community and for good reason.  No one wants to hear they need healing if they don’t believe they’re hurt.  But let’s be honest, our community as veterans is at risk.  Still, we won’t ever tell a veteran they need healing, or that they’re hurt because not every veteran is, but every veteran deserves a chance to be outside.  When we’ve come down off the mountain, or dragged our boats out of a river after six beautiful but exhausting days, veterans, however, tell us that healing happened.

Why should you care?

You should care because we are your community.  We are your brothers and sisters.  We pass you by everyday on the street, the sidewalk, in subways and freeways and we sit in the office next to yours.  We served in your Army, in your Marine Corps, your Navy, your Air Force, your Coast Guard.  We are, quite literally your Veterans.

There are 200,000 veterans returned from our most recent wars already and too many veterans left over on the streets from Vietnam and the Cold War.  With the wars winding down, our nation will soon receive hundreds and thousands more veterans coming home.

On 9/11/01, our nation rightfully mourned when 2,998 victims died in one single terrorist attack.  We swore never again.  However, due to suicide alone, our veteran population is repeating the same casualty rate every five and a half months once they return from service.

What can you do?

The VA is not capable of handling the entire problem, which is why we are here and which is why we need your help, in dollars, in time, in resources, in outreach, in leadership, in guidance, in a challenge rather than a charity.  Donate what you can in any way you can. This is not a cause du jour, but can be the start of a long term effort to break the status quo.

We need your help at Veterans Expeditions, but there are other organizations out there.  They just have different answers to the same questions, and they may be a better fit for you and your talents than Veterans Expeditions.

Please, get involved.




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I am X Navy corpsman EOD East coast 1987-1992. I have spent 22yrs in healthcare. I have the MOST EFFECTIVE, quickest, safest, fastest way to help those with PTSD/Depression/Anxiety.. All Natural..Mind & Body Neuro integration, done with my hands 20 minutes.. Changes entire tone of the Nervous system…
I have been working with the marines at Camp “P”, on the guys back from deployment…AMAZING results ! We should talk.. We have the same agenda.. Taking Care of our own.. Because we can, because it’s the right thing to do.. Let’s talk.. you met my Friend Marcy in Colorado recently she told me about you.. You can contact me at email or 630-306-2050.. Many Blessings, Leona

By Dr. Leona Di Amore on Oct 20, 2010 | 7:26 pm



Thanks Leona! We appreciate your good work! At this time we are not focused on therapy or therapy treatments other than getting veterans outdoors and challenging them. Often times our athletes may come to us after the expedition and ask for more specific resources, so we could perhaps let them know where you are working and that you might be a possible resource for some of our veterans. Before we could recommend you, we would need to know a bit more about the treatment, which I’m sure you can understand!

Thanks for your care to all veterans!

By admin on Oct 20, 2010 | 7:26 pm



Thanks for writting back.. Would love the opportunity to share with you what I do..Can you contact me via email or 630-306-2050..

Basically after 22yrs of health care experince & body work, I use my hands to clear out neurological disturbances in people who suffer with PTSD?anxiety?depression. I am A Doctor of Chiropractic, former massage therapist, XNavy Corpsman..Non invasive, hands on,safe, effective ” rebooting” of the Nervous system done gently, by hand..If you do NOT remove Nervous “overload” disturbances.. You will never fully be able to heal. Your perception starts with your Nervous system (NS).. If you have issues in NS you will have emotional & physical issues.. I clear those out.. Thanks for your time.. Please let me know if you have additional questions, or need more information.. Many Blessings Dr. Leona Di Amore

By Dr. Leona Di Amore on Oct 20, 2010 | 7:26 pm

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