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Erik Villasenor
Mountain West Leader

Erik's Story

Erik joined the Army when he was seventeen and served five years as an Infantryman stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado. As a young private he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq where he served as a machine gunner mounted atop HUMVEE’s. The year following, his unit redeployed to Afghanistan’s formidable Korengal Valley where he served as a team leader patrolling the Hindu-Kush mountains from OP Restrepo. After completing his military service, Erik attended the Art Institute in Denver where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. After college, he and his wife moved to the western slope of Colorado to pursue their careers and eventually start a family. It was in the Roaring Fork Valley that Erik discovered his love for the outdoors and the endless recreational activities it offers. He found solace in the expanse of the wilderness. When he discovered mountain biking, the thrill of the ride kept him coming back for more. He joined VetEx on their first Fat-bike ride in Leadville, CO and has been involved with the organization ever since. He aims to get more veterans stoked on the outdoors through pedaling a bicycle—preferably one with full-suspension and knobby tires shredding a sweet ribbon of singletrack. 

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